Our Services

Our Services

PMC Services:
Pinnacle Management Company provide its clientele with the following services:

Bespoke Business Consultancies:

  • Business Analysis Report – a one-week indepth and cogent report that details major issues and opportunities that confront the client’s business;
  • Provide bespoke business development strategies and underpin these strategies with developmental structures and competencies;
  • Provide cost cutting and business reduction strategies and underpin these with actual tasks to achieve business objectives;
  • How to recruit sales people;
  • How to set targets;
  • How to motivate sales team and how to incentivise for business growth ;
  • Develop Job Descriptions and Personnel Specifications and;
  • How to conduct performance appraisals.

PMC Training:

PMC provides its clientele with the following training services to enhance employees’ skills to help achieve corporate goals:

  • Time Management Course;
  • Business Development Retail Course;
  • Business Development Wholesale, or Large Sales Course;
  • Management Development Course;
  • Negotiation Skills Course and;
  • Business Communication Skills Course;

Individual Services:

PMC specializes in providing management professionals with valuable services to progress their career with the following services:

  • Letter Write Service for senior positions only.
  • Resume Writing – Middle Management, Senior Level and Managing Director and or CEO Level only.
  • Senior level company search services to mentor for senior management roles.
  • Critique candidates letter and or resume.
  • Prepare for an effective interview.

Out Source:

PMC naturally is unable to provide all the business consultancy solutions in-house. To attempt to do this would mean we cannot specialize in our core services. In those circumstances where we are unable to assist our client ourselves, we would be able to out-source the service to one of our extensive network of trusted consultancy providers under our own banner so that our clienteles still receive our quality assurance.