Pinnacle School Consultancy Services

Pinnacle is Pakistan’s leading School Educational Consultancy, Educational Services provider with competency to cover the entire range of the K-12 school establishment and management needs. Our team’s expertise and wide range of services are incomparable to none. This is the only school educational consultancy that gives assurance and guarantees to all School Services as per client requirements.We have won the level of trust among 60+ schools across Pakistan because we guarantee all projects are time-bound, cost-effective, and successful.

Established by a group of former international school leaders and teachers who all specialised in the foundation, development and support of international schools, Pinnacle School Consultancy has been providing a full range of services to international K-12 schools and their founders.

“Knowledge is Power”

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Pinnacle is One of the leading School Educational Consultancy Services across Paistan.


School Setup

The growing population and the awareness of the importance of education necessitate new schools. Today’s schools offer a myriad of facilities and the parents have enough options to choose according to the requirements of their children.


School Management

 We have the required expertise of time, finance and resource management that are essential for the smooth and efficient running of a school and also have the experience and privilege of building and managing schools and delivering the learning outcomes.


Recruitment & Training

When we start the recruitment process, the hiring is done as per the vision of the school. People who are in sync with the school’s vision or the ones who can adopt and adapt, are recruited. We assures 100% successful implementation of commitment made to the institutions.