Our Team

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Muhammad Uqaish Gillani


The vital ingredient or quality a consulting company must demonstrate is for its consultants and the key team delivery staff to possess successful track records in business and corporate positions.

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Professor Fazal Haq Qureshi

Senior Executive Director

Professor Fazal Haque Qureshi has over 45 years of success track to have imparted world-class basic to university-level education to learners coming from a diverse social, ethnic, and cultural background in Tanzania, Algeria, and Pakistan. This includes PTV, Sadiq Public School, APS RYK, Cadet College Mastung, and BRC Turbat, AEPAM, and Army strategic forces command.

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Imrozia Khalid

Executive Director

For PMC to render first-class service to its clients, it requires its practitioners and staff to be highly skilled and effective in their areas of specialism. In acquiring the services of Imrozia Khalid it is felt that we have continued the tradition of attracting the highest caliber personnel to our ranks.

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Dr. Zafar illyas

Renewable Energy

Is officially declared scientist of United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) specialized in renewable energy from the University of Miami, FI, USA, and Ph.D. in Environmental Simulation studies in Quetta, University of Baluchistan. Post Doctorate in Solar Hydrogen System for Pakistan University of Miami, FI, USA. More than 31 years of academic and administrative experience, dean faculty of sciences since 2017, Chairman and member of 43 different committees of the University and other organization. More than 60 MPhil supervised 292 papers national & international published.

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Dr. Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi


Ph.D. in PAKISTAN FOREIGN POLICY FORMULATION, 1947-65: An analysis of institutional interaction between Pakistani and American policy-making bodies. Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi is an Associate Professor with the University of Peshawar, following a career as a researcher and teacher of International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Political Science, and Creative Leadership. He completed his M. Phil and Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Lead Master Trainer(English)

Well equipped with the Communicative Teachings Method, she trains the trainers, develops the knowledge & skills. Working as a lead master trainer with British Council.

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Qamar Ul-Hassan Qureshi

Head of Research 

PMC has excelled in attracting to its vision a large array of truly actualized and effective professionals from a number of backgrounds from both within the Pakistan corporate milieu and the international arena.

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Atika Masood

Chief Financial Officer

ACCA, BSC Hons Oxford Brookes University

Project Manager: One Vision London

Finance Manager: Esthetic Arts Islamabad

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Dr.Syeda Farah Naqvi

Scientist, consultant, and researcher

Dr.Syeda Farah Naqvi is a renowned plant scientist who specialized in bacterial blight and nematology? She has earned a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from PMAS Arid University, Rawalpindi in 2012. She passed MSc (Hons) in Plant Pathology with distinction in 1995 and BSc (Hons) Plant Pathology in 1993 from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. She is a seasoned plant scientist, consultant, and researcher. Currently, she is associated with Pinnacle Management as a consultant.

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Dr. Naweed Syed

Neuro Scientist

 Is a Pakistani-born Canadian neuro-scientist. He is the first scientist to connect brain cells to a silicon chip, creating the world’s first neurochip. Dr. Syed has traveled worldwide giving lectures and presenting presentations about the human mind and his mini-chip. Currently, he is a Professor and Head Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy at the University of Calgary.

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Qamar Abbas

Director Admin

Professional manager with 20 years plus managerial experience, directing operations of security practices and regulations in organization with well- rounded investigative experience and accomplished career path. Visible achievements developing high caliber, peak performing through excellent supervisory, communication and team management skills, led numerous successful investigations and subsequent apprehension through the consistent ability to act promptly in resolving complex and diversified situations.