Iftikhar Ahmed (chairman)

Iftikhar Ahmed is a postgraduate in Business Policy from the prestigious MBA School of management sciences, Emm Lane, University of Bradford. These days he is based in the UK and spending quality time with his family to ensure his children excel both in their academic and sporting endeavors. Iftikhar also provides Consultancy services to a leading company and is involved in a high profile bid to become an MP in the UK Parliament. Always driven to serve, Iftikhar was first the founding member of Graduates Association in the late 1980’s which promoted sporting activities amongst the ethnic minorities in West Yorkshire and engaged in charitable causes. In 2011 Pakistan Club was established by Iftikhar and his close friends in the business and professional fraternities in Bradford to cater for cultural, recreational activities, Pakistan days and to have a substantial physical base. In this regard many high profile people of Pakistani origin are its members or honorary members.

In the mid 1990’s Iftikhar was instrumental in establishing the world class life operation of Commercial Union in Pakistan, having previously been a multi-award winner in developing business and managing business development roles at a national level within the UK. Having played his role in Pakistan, Iftikhar migrated to the United Arab Emirates to undertake senior management roles in Zurich Life and Alliance Insurance before setting out to first become an equity partner in an upscale brokerage house. Ill health of his father and needs of growing children combined to persuade Iftikhar to return to the UK in late 2009. 

Pinnacle Management Consultants in Pakistan is driven by the vision and guidance provided by Iftikhar who is fully committed to ensuring client interests are given primacy in all that PMC does. 

Iftikhar Ahmed (chairman) in Photos

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