Investments / Business Financing

Investments / Business Financing

Investments / Business Financing
  • PMC is the member of International Forums and world chamber of commerce our expert’s advice how to invest now for tomorrow’s growth. We will guide you how to grow your share value by making the most of investment opportunities in your own company.
  • PMC provides investment solutions, specialized in mutual funds and business finance. We are working with world class blue chip companies, providing more diversification, liquidity and professional management consulting services.
  • PMC financial experts are always available for asset management and to help you achieve your investment goals. Our international groups of investors are increasing day by day and making us Pakistan’s leading financing group.
  • Our wealth management experts are offering secure investment solutions & best financial advisory services.
  • PMC offers business finance and secure investment opportunities to our valued clients through foreign and local investors.


Pay roll Processing

Our payroll system is designed to facilitate advanced and flexible solutions. We cater to all company sizes; small, medium and large.

Value Added Payment Services

We are able to process and electronically deposit employee net pay with direct deposit facility;
We are able to prepare and reconcile paycheques and;
We are able to print and provide electronic access to pay statements.

Payroll Tax and Compliance Management

We help to keep our clients on the right side of the law. We help to keep our clients compliant and avoid them having to face fines and penalties. Within the ambit of these services we;

  • Calculate and deposit payroll tax for federal, state and local jurisdictions;
  • Prepare and submit returns and compliance reports and;
  • Respond to inquiries from tax agencies.

Employee Benefits Administration 

This function is tedious, complex and expensive to manage internally for companies. We can help in managing;

  • Health and Life Insurance solutions and administration;
  • End of Service Benefits including Provident Fund, Gratuity and EOBI;
  • Leave of Absence Services;
  • Employee Communication Services and;
  • Total Compensation Services.

HR Administration

We provide this service to assist in our clients to make executive decisions more clearly, and informed. We are able to help clients to;

  • Maintain an up to date employee records;
  • Manage employee salaries and pay grades;
  • Track employees’ benefit plans;
  • Document employee performance and attendance and;
  • Manage government compliance and organizational reporting requirement.

Self Service Solution for Employees

we help to;

  • Enable employees to review their HR, Payroll and Benefits records and;
  • Build awareness with online employee communications.


we help to;

Design most cost effective way