HR Solutions

Human Resources Management Services

Pinnacle Management services the staffing needs of companies by providing Human Resources solutions in an ever-changing employment market. Companies require solutions that increase the efficiency of their business while satisfying the needs of their employees. Our HR solutions will give you the skilled and talented staff you need while maintaining a cost-effective approach to your company’s strategic goals.

In addition to offering temporary and permanent staffing solutions, we also provide the following HR solutions:

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Union Relations and Negotiations
  • Employee Exit Strategy Planning
  • Health and Safety Planning

Our solutions are tailored specifically to each client to ensure that the management of their human capital is done in the most efficient and professional manner.


At Pinnacle, we want to help. So why might you need our service?

  • We often find that when a committee member has this much responsibility, they don’t stick around, leaving committees under-resourced and impacting on the quality of the service.
  • Managing staff is not easy and can take a significant amount of time, even if you have the best staff in the world.
  • In the world of employment relations something is always happening, be it  something as difficult as poor performance, or conflict between employees, to ensuring that wage increases occur sufficiently and your policies are kept up to date, the list can go on…
  • When staff grievances are not dealt with quickly and efficiently it can lead to further issues between employees, claims against the association and can impact on the wider community and clients.

The Pinnacle HR Management Services takes away this daunting task, providing several benefits including…

  • Our experienced Human Resources professionals can take on the hard work of managing staff so you can focus on running the association, overseeing the association’s strategy and helping in areas like fundraising.
  • We aim to ensure your HR runs smoothly, which allows you to focus on managing your organisation.
  • You will have access to expert advice and in-depth industry knowledge. We can provide advice on every aspect of HR, from recruitment to termination of employment.
  • We provide a customised HR service to suit your organisation. We will ensure that it is completed on time, to your requirements and with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.
  • We will provide the committee with peace of mind that their policies and procedures are up to date and that best practice is being applied in their organisation.
  • We will allow committee members to build positive relationships with staff, taking away any conflict of client and employer.